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We are a one-stop shop for all of your entertainment needs for your special day. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday, or even a corporate event- you have come to the right place! I am a Daytona Beach DJ servicing all of Central Florida, including Orlando, New Smyrna Beach, Holly Hill, and Tampa. 

Let me first explain where our name came from.
SOTA is actually an acronym for State Of The Art. So when you put it all together, we are “State Of The Art Entertainment”.

SOTA is pronounced “SO-TA” kind of like soda, but with a T.

Please be sure to check out my SoundCloud page for a sample set. Username is DJ_Sota or just click here.

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A little bit about me…


My name is Terrance, you can call me DJ SOTA for short. I was born in a very small town in southwestern Vermont called Bennington. The whole county’s population in 1989, the year I was born, was just 35,876. I lived in Vermont until the age of 10, then we relocated to DeLand, Florida. It’s actually an interesting story.

On my 10th birthday, we jumped in our Chevy Malibu and were headed to Florida for vacation. I was beyond excited, Universal here I come! Well, we were nearing the end of our vacation when my parents decided we were going to move to Florida permanently. To make things easier I decided to stay in Florida with my uncle while my 2 brothers and parents went back home to pack all of our things and move down. So, I never really got the chance to say goodbye to my friends or anything like that. It’s alright though, the wonderful world of MySpace kept me in touch and I still speak to a few of my elementary friends! I’m glad my parents decided to move because I absolutely love this area. Daytona Beach, Orlando, Kissimmee, Disney World, Universal Studios and so on being right around the corner makes living here amazing!

I’ve moved all around central Florida, and love the vast differences all the little towns in the area have. Currently, I am living in DeLand, a smaller artistic town in Volusia County.

Aside from being a Daytona Beach DJ, in my spare time, I love going to some of the local bars, Davinci’s in downtown DeLand is one of my favorites. If there is music, you can be sure to catch me there! I like exploring new places, and have recently found a LOVE for camping!

The important stuff … MUSIC

Since as far back as my memory will go, I have loved music. I remember as a kid waking up on Saturday morning and my dad would be blasting some Bob Marley on one of those classic 1980’s stereo systems like this one:

At that time, I was angrier than anything. I was 8, I just wanted to sleep in on the weekends! As I have gotten older it’s become one of my fondest childhood memories. What I would give to be woken up by my dads favorite “tunes” as he would call them.

I am inspired by so many artists, my true passion is Electronic Dance Music. I am not a huge fan of the dubstep type EDM, I prefer the more melodic stuff. Artists like Illenium, Alesso, Avicii etc… My range of music is all over the place. From country to rap, pop to classic rock, I love it all, I just love music in general.

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