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I have had the pleasure of working for a company that put on one of the best holiday party’s I have ever been to! There was games, tarot card readers. artists, most importantly an amazing DJ! The DJ is crucial for a successful corporate event or holiday party, they provide the sound equipment, microphones, and most of all the fun! When looking for a Daytona Beach Corporate Event DJ, we hope you will choose us, head over to our Contact Us page to send us an e-mail. Now is the time to start planning your holiday events. DJ’s begin booking up fairly quickly for holiday parties as early as the summer months. Lets dive a little deeper into why we feel having a Daytona Beach Corporate Event DJ is so important.


The world of business is ever changing. Companies are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on creating a culture that is positive, technology driven, and employee centric. Corporations have made it the norm to provide lunches, pay for team building “outings”, and special events. Employees are focusing more on culture then their actual bottom dollar. With that being said, putting on a fantastic holiday party, or company anniversary party is going to drive performance up, as well as engage your employees in building a great culture. Part of any great party is a dance floor and an upbeat DJ. 


Employee engagement goes hand in hand with an amazing culture. When you hire a Daytona Beach Corporate Event DJ you are providing an environment that is comfortable for everyone. If you are comfortable, it is proven that you are more likely to engage with others. Samantha might start a conversation about the song that is playing with John, who she has never spoken to before. This is an ice breaker that will bleed into the office. Engagement after holiday parties show immediate improvement. 


Holiday parties and corporate events allow the entire company to come together in one place, which is very rare in the business world. This is an opportune time to recognize accomplishments, sales growth, promotions etc… A great Daytona Beach DJ has amazing sound equipment so those speeches can be delivered clearly, Johns award can be heard through the entire building, and the CEO’s thank yous are as loud as can be! According to Gallup (

Recognition not only boosts individual employee engagement, but it also has been found to increase productivity and loyalty to the company, leading to higher retention.

Daytona Beach Corporate Event DJ

Take this time to research Daytona Beach Corporate Event DJ’s and start planning your fun, yet incredibly benficial, holiday party/events!

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