Daytona Beach Wedding Budgeting

Daytona Beach Wedding Budgeting

The daunting task of Daytona Beach Wedding budgeting. Anything that involves a budget, will likely make you want to pull your hair out. With some of these great tips, we hope to take some of that stress out of planning your wedding!

Limit Your Guest List

It’s the wedding you have dreamed of since you were just a little boy or girl, now it’s time to start planning. When you are creating your guest list, keep in mind that every head is another dollar. For example, when you begin your search for catering, they charge per guest. The average caterer charges around $30 per guest, and that is on the low end. Invite 100 people, and your spending $3,000 just for the food. Some venues and entertainers also charge per guest. Of course everyone wants a wedding with every seat full, but friends and family are the most important. Be selective and limit your guest list. 

Choose The Right Daytona Beach Wedding Date

Late summer and early fall are the most popular times of the year for couples to get married. There are many factors that go in to this, mostly the weather. This time of year typically serves up some of the most comfortable temperatures for everyone to get dressed up and dance the night away. Although, if you are hosting a Daytona Beach Wedding, almost any time of the year is a good time. Because wedding vendors know this time of year is considered “Wedding Season” like any business, their prices reflect the needs of business. Another reason this is a busy time is families are typically already planning time off around their children’s school schedule. With that said, pricing is typically a bit higher during wedding season.

Do It Yourself

There are many things that you can do-it-yourself when planning a Daytona Beach Wedding. However, using Spotify instead of a professional Daytona Beach DJ, is not one of those things. Using a publishing software to create your wedding invites, creating your own wedding website, and doing some minor decorations, however, are all things you could do yourself. 

Hire a Wedding Planner

I know, I know – I have preached do-it-yourself, however Daytona Beach Wedding planners can save you a ton of money on your wedding planning. They typically have a list of vendors that they frequently work with. This can put your budget in a good place, as they will likely get the best prices in the industry.

Write It Down

Now that you have spent all of this time planning, and budgeting. Put in on paper, track your expenses. As you spend money, put it on your worksheet, this will help ensure you stay within your budget. There are tons of free Excel templates that you can download for your wedding budget. Check some of them out here

We have also posted a blog on some resources for planning your wedding that you can read up on here!

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