DJ In Orlando - Wedding Theme Ideas

DJ In Orlando – Wedding Theme Ideas

Finding a DJ in Orlando is only the first step in planning a wedding. From choosing the right shoes, finding the best decorations, to selecting the most delicious food your plate will be full of decisions. Before you get too involved in planning, you should start by choosing a theme. The theme for your wedding will impact nearly every decision you make for your wedding in Orlando. In this blog post we are going to share some of our favorite theme ideas for the big day. 

If you haven’t already gone to a wedding show, I highly recommend it. You get the chance to meet your potential vendors, but most importantly it will certainly get those creative juices flowing. I have met couples who have been dreaming of their perfect wedding day since watching their favorite princess on Disney get married. These couples typically know exactly what they want, and don’t need help with the creativity part. However, you would be surprised at how much inspiration can come from a wedding show.

As a DJ in Orlando I see such a variety of wedding themes like the amazing Fairy-tale Disney weddings, Barn weddings, beach weddings, and so many more. I guess that’s the beauty of living in Central Florida, the only wedding you can’t have is a snowy one. Let’s dive into some not so classic Orlando wedding theme ideas. 

Under The Sea

Orlando Wedding Under the Sea color pallette

If your having a wedding near Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach, or any beach for that matter- this is the perfect theme! The color palette you see here is just one idea for this theme. Some beautiful purples and coral colors would go along with the theme also. Creating an incredible menu with an under the sea theme also gives endless opportunities. Crab, Salmon, and good ole fashioned fish n’ chips are just a few ideas. Caribbean drum music during cocktail hour, and Piña Colada’s to sip on. This is by far one of my favorites because there are so many ways to be creative. 

Roaring 20’s

DJ In Orlando

Welcome to 2020, happy new year! This theme is perfect for a 2020 wedding. We have officially entered the roaring 20’s again and I couldn’t be more excited. This color swatch really gives only a small sample of the color options with this theme. Shimmering gold, shiny silvers, and dashing browns. Top hats, suspenders, and stunning dresses. Jump over to Google and search for roaring 20’s to see all of the fun you can have with this wedding theme. Then of course head over to our Weddings page to see how we can help polish your special day! 


 I have to admit, this idea comes from a gig I did a couple of months ago. It was for a 70th birthday party. The theme was a decades fiesta. The menu was full of delicious Mexican style food. Imagine going to a wedding with a full taco bar, yes please! This theme would be far from traditional in terms of colors. A fiesta theme would have vibrant colors and flowers. The wide variety of music selection that could be played will keep everybody partying into the night. Something about Mexican style music keeps everybody moving and full of energy. 

Well, these are our 3 favorite themes for your wedding in Orlando! Do you have some ideas to share? Feel free to leave a comment below with your inspiration!

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