Make your Orlando wedding unforgettable with a delicious wedding cake. Learn everything you need to know in our informative blog.

Orlando Wedding: The Icing On The Cake

As a DJ business based in Orlando, we’ve had the privilege of attending countless weddings and being a part of many couples’ special day for their Orlando Wedding. One thing we’ve learned is that the wedding cake is a significant part of the celebration. In this blog, we’ll explore everything you need to know about wedding cakes in Orlando.

Types of Wedding Cakes

  • Tiered cake: The most traditional wedding cake is a tiered cake. It’s made up of two or more layers, with each layer being smaller in size than the one below it. It’s a great option for a grand and elegant wedding reception.
  • Naked cake: A naked cake is a cake that is not covered in frosting, giving it a rustic and natural look. It’s a popular choice for outdoor and barn weddings, as well as couples who prefer a simple and understated design.
  • Fondant cake: A fondant cake is a cake that is covered in a smooth, sugar-based icing that can be molded and shaped into intricate designs. It’s a versatile option that can be customized to fit any wedding theme.

Flavors of Orlando Wedding Cakes

  • Vanilla and chocolate: These are the most popular flavors for wedding cakes, but they’re also the most traditional.
  • Red velvet: A red velvet cake is a great choice for a unique and delicious wedding cake. It has a rich and moist texture, and its red color adds a pop of color to the cake.
  • Lemon: A lemon cake is a refreshing option for a spring or summer wedding. It has a bright and tangy flavor that pairs well with fruit fillings and frostings.
  • Carrot: A carrot cake is a great choice for a fall or winter wedding. It has a warm and cozy flavor that pairs well with cream cheese frosting.

Choosing a Wedding Cake in Orlando

  • Local bakery: One option is to work with a local bakery. Orlando is home to many talented bakers who specialize in creating beautiful and delicious wedding cakes. Some popular bakeries in Orlando include The Sugar Suite, Sweet by Holly, and Cake Designers.
  • Wedding planner: Another option is to work with a wedding planner who can recommend a trusted vendor. A wedding planner can also help you coordinate the design and delivery of the cake.

Personalizing Your Wedding Cake

  • Custom designs: Many bakers offer custom designs, allowing you to incorporate your wedding theme or colors into the cake. You can also add personalized cake toppers, such as figurines of the bride and groom or a monogrammed initial.
  • Unique flavors: Adding unique flavors to your wedding cake is a great way to personalize it. Work with your baker to come up with a flavor that’s meaningful to you and your partner.
  • Dessert table: If you want to offer more variety, consider adding a dessert table with a variety of treats, such as cupcakes, macarons, and cake pops.

Making Sure Your Wedding Cake is Beautiful and Delicious

  • Taste testing: Before you commit to a wedding cake, make sure to schedule a taste testing. This will give you an opportunity to try different flavors and designs before making a final decision.
  • Delivery and set-up: Make sure to coordinate the delivery and set-up of your wedding cake with your baker or wedding planner. You want to make sure the cake is delivered on time and set up properly.
  • Display: The way you display your wedding cake is just as important as the cake itself. Make sure to choose a cake stand or table that complements the cake design and fits with the overall wedding theme.

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The Icing on the Cake:

Your wedding cake is a representation of your love and commitment to each other. It’s a significant part of the wedding celebration and should be both beautiful and delicious. In Orlando, there are many options for wedding cakes, from traditional tiered cakes to unique and personalized designs. Make sure to work with a reputable vendor and schedule a taste testing before making a final decision.

At SOTA Entertainment, we’re here to help make your wedding day unforgettable. Contact us today to learn more about our DJ services and how we can help make your wedding reception a night to remember. We look forward to hearing from you!