Orlando DJ ‘s On A Budget

Orlando DJ services are not out of reach just because you are on a budget. Orlando weddings are expensive, from the cake to your beautiful wedding dress. We have a few tips that may make your dream of hiring an Orlando DJ a reality. 

Orlando DJ and Entertainment

Often times, unfortunately, entertainment is not on the priority list when planning an Orlando wedding. We are here to change that! When you think back on all of the weddings you have attended, what are the most Orlando DJ Entertainmentmemorable moments? Its likely that your memory involved the reception in some form or fashion. 

Your wedding reception is all about celebrating your marriage, and entertaining your guests. Sure, you could setup a playlist on your phone, and spend your entire celebration changing the random song from your favorite childhood cartoon that pops up. Instead you could partner with on Orlando Wedding DJ and spend your celebration dancing with your guests and having a great time. 


Orlando DJ Discounts

If you book your wedding with SOTA Entertainment, you will get a world-class, professional DJ who will make your event unforgettable. You will also receive a brochure with tons of discounts. The wedding industry is full of incredible vendors and resources. We have spent countless days building partnerships with vendors all around the country so that we can provide YOU some amazing discounts. Some of these partnerships include Zazzle, HoneyFund.com, and Bachelorette.com. While these discounts don’t pay for your wedding DJ, they will certainly offset some of the other costs that can be put towards your Orlando Wedding DJ! Hint: Click those links for instant discounts! 

Orlando DJ Shopping

It’s completely okay to shop around for the best prices for your Orlando wedding. When researching your prices it’s very important to not just look at the bottom line. You can absolutely find a DJ for 6 hours and only pay $500, but what services are they providing? Do they assist with lighting? Will they assist you in picking the best playlist? What type of equipment are they going to provide? These are all questions you should ask, that bottom line $500 number may just may cost you more in the long run.


We know you have plenty of options for Orlando DJ’s. At SOTA Entertainment we strive to stand out from the competition. Our blog provides you endless resources on this amazing journey of wedding planning. After booking you will receive a brochure with tons of discounts with our partners to alleviate the financial burdens. Working with us will prove to be a true partnership, and a premier wedding DJ services that you can’t find anywhere else.  Head over to our Contact Us page to learn more about the services we offer! 

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